The Pantry as a Shrine to the End of the Human Race, 2019.
Installation of vinyl stickers on spray painted food packaging.

Exhibited at the RMIT Communication Design graduation showcase: Handle With Care.

No food was wasted in the making of this piece.
The Pantry as a Shrine to the End of the Human Race is an encyclopaedic record of the human race at the end of the world. The work is inspired by doomsday prepping and depictions of post-apocalyptic worlds in popular culture. Familiar items have been stripped of their branding, coated in white paint and plastered with peculiar images appropriated from books and magazines of yesteryear. These images, taken out of context, form new, non-linear narratives as the items interact with one another on the pantry shelf. The installation comments on the nature of humanity—our tendencies, relationships, creation, destruction and our sense of place.

Appropriated images taken from the following sources:
George Daniels (1982), Storm, Time-Life Books Inc. U.S.A.

National Geographic, following issues: August 1956, May 1969, July 1973, June, Novemeber, December 1976, February, May 1986.
Man, issue February 1955.
Ron Wilson (1978), How the Body Works, Ward Lock Limited, London.
St John Ambulance Association (1971), First Aid (first edition), Ruskin Press, North Melbourne.